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27 December, 2014
02:30 PM
Nangloi, Delhi
SCI-India is conducting

On the outskirts of Delhi, rehabilitation work  of more than 25000 slum dwellers were started in 1969 by SCI-India. The project included training, workshops in carpentry, adult education, sewing classes for boys and girls. Youth club, balwadi were started with medical care program for Tuberculosis. A primary school was started in 1993 for dropouts and to support children of weaker sections. Balbhavan conducts painting, craft and clay modeling class to children, and Mahavir International takes up medical and eye care to weaker sections of society. A T.B (Dot) program by government is placed there.

Presently SCI-India is conducting “ Learning Centre” for children of the community with 3 teachers and a staff and a coordinator managing the project.